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I am Zac Davey, Owner & Head Creative at Paradox Studios. I have worked with both local & international brands & organizations throughout an 13 years & counting career. I gained my design education right after high school at TAFE QLD Ithaca campus studying a Cert 4 & Diploma of Graphic Design.

After my studies, i moved from Brisbane to Sydney to start work as a Junior Designer with Apparent Communications.

I spent 4 years tuning my creative skills & knowledge of the marketing industry, having top-level clients such as Google, Nikon, Krispy Kreme & the NSW Government to sink my teeth into & create some amazing campaigns as well as help in winning at least 1 ADMA award for my illustration work on Good Glen & the Bad Eggs app. From Apparent it was my goal to climb the ladder to be the best, most versatile industry creative i could be. I began to formulate the philosophy that the most powerful tool you can have for anything, is the ability to teach yourself. I went on to be a dedicated digital designer/developer for 2 years at in-house publication house GP, providing web, email, social, design & development services for Harvey Norman, Domayne & Joyce mayne.

During my time at GP i was creating a custom airbrushing studio Circus Grim, specializing in creating custom guitars, shoes, helmets, skateboards with airbrush art. As well i decided to try my hand at creating an animated cartoon “Loui” & was on tour with my heavy metal band Acid Nymph. My goal was to soak up as much creativity from as many angles as possible & apply lessons learnt from one onto the other with all active channels of creativity. After my time at GP i moved back to Brisbane & dove into the freelance position working with clients like Thinkwater Dural, Dj Roberts, My New Home Brisbane, as well as designing for heavy metal bands such as Dawn Heist, Pain, Noveaux & Recoil V.O.R. I maintained a freelance presence & for a brief few years as i worked as a catalog, social & digital designer for Super Retail Group – Supercheap Auto.

Since then i have created Paradox Studios, the hub from which i provide all my creative services including, Video Production, Graphic Design, Websites & UX Design, Illustration, Animation & specialized packages for streamers, to all business, entities & creatives.

What can I do for you?

Get in touch with me today, and see what Paradox Studios can do to help your project.

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