Xperience Realty

Xperience Realty

Xperience Realty Re Branding and website design assets.

Since i began working with Vish Uttam and his Xperience Realty Company i have was tasked with the re positioning of the Xperience Realty brand and website.

This work includes, the website design, Logo Design, Social Media Assets, Merch Design, media wall banners and more.

Check out xperiencerealty.com.au

Published by theparadoxstudios

I'm constantly seeking new methods and tools to expand exciting creative endevours. I have had experience with both agency and freelance contract work among a vast variety of clients, ranging from Nikon, Google, NSW Government, Krispy Kreme, Harvey Norman, Domayne, Thinkwater, LJ Hooker and many more. I am extreemly passionate for learning new skills in all things creative and solving problems from start to finish, thoroughly and methodically. Through many years working within the design industry i can confidently provide HTML/CSS, Illustration, Layout/Print, Motion Design, Animation, Photo Retouching, Logo Design and Digital Design services.

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