Dural Irrigation Driptube – You Tube Channel

Dural Irrigation Driptube

You Tube Channel creation for Dural Irrigation.

Dural Irrigation required a consistent branded approach to launching their new YouTube channel “Driptube”. Here at Paradox Studios, I have edited, cut, sound corrected, sound designed and animated titles and transitions to put together a seamless DIY experience from the team at Dural Irrigation. Check it out below.

How to: Service your Fire Pump & Hoses
How to: Install and Adjust a Hunter MP Rotator Nozzle
How to: Apply Teflon Tape Correctly
Demo: Bianco Vulcan 1.6Hp Toolbox Transfer Pump
Demo: Bianco Vulcan 3.0Hp Compact Firefighting Pump
Demo: Bianco Vulcan 1.0Hp Transfer Pump

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I'm constantly seeking new methods and tools to expand exciting creative endevours. I have had experience with both agency and freelance contract work among a vast variety of clients, ranging from Nikon, Google, NSW Government, Krispy Kreme, Harvey Norman, Domayne, Thinkwater, LJ Hooker and many more. I am extreemly passionate for learning new skills in all things creative and solving problems from start to finish, thoroughly and methodically. Through many years working within the design industry i can confidently provide HTML/CSS, Illustration, Layout/Print, Motion Design, Animation, Photo Retouching, Logo Design and Digital Design services.

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