The Psycho Social Club Posters

The Psycho Social Club Posters

Posters For The Psycho Social Club Event.

Posters for the Psycho Social Club, run by the Bald Faced Stag

The brief came from Stag Music Touring, they were putting together a new social event at the Bald Faced Stag. The request was very open to creativity, simply asked for the poster information to be present which was provided and I was free to try any concept.

As I am friends with the guy running the event “Buzz” I decided to start with an admission style poster to debut the club, including Buzz himself greeting at the door. I went with a rough sketch type illustration to add a type of comedic aspect to the work as well as keeping it gritty to fit the heavy culture. There was also a horror poster done as well as a bad Santa for the club during Christmas.

This was a truly enjoyable project to work on.

Entry by Zac Davey

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