Welcome to Paradox Studios,
the artistic and creative portfolio of Zac Davey.

With over 13 years of experience within the creative field, I have done a lot of great work, and some not so great… This site shows off some of the better stuff. Starting my career in a small advertising agency in 2010 I was able to sink my teeth into some huge clients and had some amazing mentors to help me through the early stages.

Since then I have worked in several agencies, In house clientele and freelancing, all to eventuate into Paradox Studios. Have a look through my work, and let me know if there’s anything i might be able to help you with?

The Skills

My skillset and what I can bring too you!

Graphic Design

My primary focus through the years has been professional commercial graphic design. Check out all my examples of graphic design.


I have been at the helm of countless website productions, from UX/UI Design, graphics and development. Check out all my examples of website work.


The first skill i ever picked up was drawing. I have spent a lifetime experimenting with different illustration and art mediums and styles. Check out all my examples of art and illustrations.


Along with illustration, i have always had a passion for cartoons and the craft of animation. I have worked on multiple animation projects, some for clients and some just for my own fun. Check out all my examples of my animations.

Video Content

Whilst learning animation skills i incidentally learned how to cut and edit film and advertisements and blend that with my animation knowledge. Check out all my examples of video content.

If you missed anything?

You might find it in this gallery below? 🙂

Domayne Services

Domayne Services Section Online. Whilst working in-house at Generic Publications, I was briefed to create a micro-site…

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If there’s any way I can help just reach out.